Spherials are hyper local communities, which can pop up anywhere and any time. Join a Spherial and create shared experiences. Some Spherials already exist, others will pop up spontaneously whenever Spherials users gather at a location.

  • Context is key Spherials make social media human again. Go out there and share experiences.
  • Easy Access No need to provide any personal info. Simply check in with a username you like.
  • Privacy Any activity is limited to those participating in the Spherials. Your privacy is guaranteed.


Browse Spherials and find hotspots or create a Spherial with people nearby. Download the free app for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone!

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Spherials are communities, which can pop-up anywhere and any time.

Using the Spherials app you can easily locate social hotspots. Once you have entered a Spherial you can share an experience on that exact location and time with everybody else in the same Spherial.

We make sure the shared content and chats are limited to Spherials users who are present in the same Spherial. This means your privacy is guaranteed.


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